Who are we?

CASA REINA is a luxury boutique that will feature the most sought after designs from throughout the world. We shop for CASA REINA with purpose and aim to bring extraordinary items that have our clients feeling glamorous. We source the finest and most iconic custom pieces and bring them to CASA REINA. We want all of our clients to shop in our boutique with purpose as well, and know that our clothes will allow them to showcase their life through their wardrobe.


We take pride in hand selecting each exquisite item for our boutique. We spend the extra time making sure that there is something special in store for all of the different fashionistas that come to shop with us. Our owners have a background in fashion and understand what it means to make a woman feel special and confident in the clothes that she is wearing. CASA REINA’s top priority is to have every shopper leave here with more self love and another stunning gown or article of clothing than they came in with.

We hold ourselves to certain standards and ensure that our CASA REINA team members demonstrate those values on a daily basis. CASA REINA is not just a boutique, it is a way of life.


Our Mission

We plan to hit all of these benchmarks with our incredible CASA REINA team that believes in our boutique and will push it to make these achievable. We always want to maintain a luxurious feel that our clients carry with them while inside the boutique and when they wear our pieces in their daily lives.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be the top of the line in the UAE in regards to excellent customer service, customer satisfaction, quality of our products, and perfecting a consistent positive shopping experience.